International Mens Day…

Every year on women’s day I heard things from many of my colleagues and friends why do we need to celebrate women’s day and that to be with so much enthusiasm and like a festival of a woman. Men doesn’t need any such kind of day for celebration, or it is not yet been decided, but that’s not true like we have mother’s Day and fathers day for our parents, women’s day for all lovely ladies, and we also celebrate International Men’s day for all handsome Men’s.

International Men’s day is an annual international event celebrated on 19 November. Which was inaugurated in 1992, so, 2017 we had 25th year for celebration of Men’s day.

The objective of celebrating an international Men’s day, Set out in,”The six pillars of international Men’s day, include focusing on there health,improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and motivating male role is an occasion to discrimination against Men and boys to celebrate their achievements and contributions to community, family, marriage and child care. The broader and ultimate aim of this event is to promote basic humanitarian values.

  • ‌To promote positive male role models, not just movie star and sportsman but every day, working class men who are living decent, honest lives.
  • ‌To celebrate men’s positive contribution to society, community, family, marriage,child care and environment.
  • ‌To focus on men’s health and wellness, social,emotional, physical and spiritual.
  • ‌To highlight discrimination against men in areas of social services, social attitudes, expectations and law.
  • ‌To improve gender relations and promote gender equality.
  • ‌To create safer, better world, where people can live free from harm and grow to reach their full potential.

This is what I have researched about why international Men’s day has been celebrated. Which tells us that there should not be gender discrimination between women and men both are equally important for there role in society. We are a beautiful human being in this beautiful world.❤❤❤

Wishing all handsome Men’s a very happy international Men’s day😊😊😊


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