It’s been a really long time since I have written a blog.

I started this blog months ago when I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone . I thought I’d write confidently and prolifically about the worlds little known, as name of my blog represent the little things which we all know and learned from our childhood. But since then I have drifted far from that center to explore whatever was interesting to me. Turns out I didn’t want to be bound by one idea of what I should be sharing. Turns out I’m not so good at having a unified message.

I’m coming back to writing today because, I want to share my thoughts. I want to continue writing my thoughts which I have in my mind from years. What at times was lustfully overflowing is timid now, underground, waiting to be coaxed to the surface. What may have been exuberant in its offering is now withdrawn. Everything in life is cyclical—even this. And I find myself in a new cycle of thinking more and creating less. Air-dried and thirsty in the desert.
So here I am coming back to write my blogs,as I have planned to write a small blog every week that will influence to all my readers to be happy and to see the small things which we have inside us❤❤❤


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