“Never judge a book by it’s cover” rightly said by someone.. Likewise never judge a person by looks or  behaviour. I have observed many times people create a judgement about a person just by looking at them or else just by their behaviour,my understanding about this topic which i personally follow and always advice to follow everyone, is just go and talk with particular person before judging him or her.and assuming a negative thought about them. You may get to know many more interesting  part of the person when you go and talk with them,and you may notice you were wrong in your judgment. In todays world looks are making a big impact on people, looks is the first thing by which people judge you, here the whole world is behind making there good looks which are indirectly giving profits to cosmetic companies…jokes a part.. but Everyone is behind making first impression is last impression,True, but wrong interpretation of the line dont just go and improve how you look but improve on the way you are communicating to others your thought process,knowledge,how you treat others, In social life, Change your thought about judging people with how they look than what they have to share the world. 


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