Public Transport…An  Adventure

​A topic really close to my heart…An adventure trip by public transport!!!

If you really want to make an adventure trip, you must try public transport in Pune…Your trip will start from the bus stop(if you’re able to spot one) that will be a first step to begin,and you got the right bus stop now next is to check your patience!!! how much you can wait for that big bus on which your destination is written with the bus route number And if you want to have more fun in this trip, you must travel during peak hours like evening or morning when there will be rush,  so you will have many competitors for this journey,to check your patience ;Waiting, watching people coming and going by their bus, auto, personal vehicles…And you are still waiting for the bus that goes to your destination.. don’t worry this is just a beautiful beginning of  your adventure.You keep calm, relax, have seat(if your bus stop is looks like bus stop)after the long wait, after all your patience has got over, you might feel – just leave it will go by some other source available…But be positive someone might tell you (Arre har roj isee time pe ati hai..Aj hi late hogayi)and you will be like ok I can wait, it might come in sometime(becouse your very positive thinker) And after a long wait,You want to leave and you see a bus coming towards you.When it arrives you see it doesn’t go to your destination,But don’t lose your patience..It’s just a beginning!!! After long wait you see your bus coming from far..And a beautiful smile comes automatically on your face,But it is just for that one second then you see bus with lots of your competitors who are ready to climb that bus which is already loaded with people….Don’t forget it’s just a start  of your adventure…After a lot try you at least make a little place to stand on last step of bus …Just enjoy because you will enjoy that moment, that fresh air, roads are running… you can enjoy all this standing on last step of the bus who is loaded with lots of people  only till next bus stop … Bcoz many more are yet to enter. So finally adventure started. Lots of voice are coming e.g.darvajat ubhe rahu naka,chala pudhe chala , pudhe bas rikami ahe(God knows where they see place )some babies are crying..Some old people are still standing in that rush.. some people are lost in there own thoughts, dreaming and Conductor is asking for tickets…Some women are fighting for the place… Some women know very well who is going to get down and accordingly they grab the seat…And be aware, keep your phone and wallet safe, you might not get them when you get down.You probably meet a drunken guy too who is continuously talking or a lady who is fighting for no reason.Guys relax, becouse there can be some interesting things like  you will see many laila- majnu at the corner seat and you might get a new crush in bus,For whom you will not mind to going by that bus everyday. You will see people who are studying..Reading newspaper..Having there breakfast in bus…Someone who is playing loud music …Some hearing their own music ..And in all this if you get window side place then you will enjoy a beautiful world.. trees running behind..  traffic signals..Old buildings, hotels, Beautiful shops..You can do window shopping too, and  Amazing weather…And just a relaxing feeling.. People are getting down from bus…Some are entering…And all of sudden people start searching their bags their pocket because from somewhere Ticket  Checkers enters into the bus… Villain of this game…He probably will find one superman who is traveling without ticket and fun to see how he is convincing TC to not have ticket.And like this, an adventure journey  comes to end at your destination with a big smile on your face…I miss those days now..But to have change from routine I prefer this Adventure!!! which Always give you a new experience…..


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