Change is very important in every one’s life…It gives you an experience to learn and discover about yourself which you might never think about yourself….Not necessary that it will always be positive or negative, it is just for yourself…Take good experiences, learn new things about yourself which you might have never thought about and continue your journey…….I have learnt a lot from the changes happening in my life from Playschool to highschool.. College life…And now corporate life…I met a lot of people in this change journey.. Some are with me…Some become memories..Some have gone…But In every phase there was something new… Something interesting.. Something annoying… sometime Irritating ….I cried.. Laugh…behaved like crazy..Thrill..but Enjoyed every small moments..Many times some changes was not accepted by me at the beginning….I  felt lonely, left out…I wanted to leave everything and just run away from my existence….But  Changes has made me stronger in every phase…It has improved my confidence my contacts… Most important thing I learned from this is to adjust…Adjust with new environment…New friends.. Colleague..Boss..Work.. Relatives..New relationship…Which made me stronger and a positive thinker…And here I am ready to accept CHANGE..In a positive way as a journey…..


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